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Slate Gray Mandala Record Bowl

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Slate Gray Mandala Record Bowl

Slate Gray Mandala Record Bowls are created from recycled 12" vinyl records. The "platters from the past" are upcycled with fresh acrylic paint and an original Eye Pop Art mandala design which is painted freehand.

All record bowls are hand painted in original psychedelic patterns, heated, and lovingly sculpted into uniquely organic, flower-like forms. The spindle holes are sealed so the bowls are water tight and functional. A semi-gloss polyurethane finish is applied to protect the paint and make the bowls food safe. The original record labels are left intact (and also sealed with polyurethane) on the bottom of each bowl - which record will YOU get?

Eye Pop Art bowls are fantastic for holding fruit, candy, candles, trinkets, or anything your heart desires. They are bright, colorful art objects to set on your coffee table. They are eco-friendly and make a great conversation piece! Surprise your guests when you tell them to flip the bowl over and see the very interesting recycled material that it was made from!

Most of us have fond memories of the days when all we listened to was records - let the music live forever with a Mandala Record Bowl.

(Hand wash gently with a damp cloth, air dry. Please do not put in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave!)

The bowls vary somewhat in size, but they are usually 9-10" (22.9 -25.4 cm) in diameter and about 3" deep (7.62 cm).